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 Run of Hope, Zach Bennett:  

 Angus Buchan, Fhalom Ministries:

 FCE - Outreach to Africa and training of teachers:

 CAP in Swellendam -            

 Infanta trailers, Swellendam:

 Durbanville Gemeente:         


 Impetus Gemeente, Port Elizabeth:

 Rainbow Nation Club:             

 (to take Nelson Mandela's dream froward):  

 Citizens Movement for Social Change:

 Unashamedly Ethical:           

 Mosaiek - kuns van lewe:      

 Alberton Lewenssentrum:      

Special Venues:

 Open air theatre:                

SADOGOOD Partners:

 Radio Sonder grense:           

 Afrikaanse Handelsinstituut: 



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