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Hello Theuns,I have been following your story about Bonnievale on RSG with much interest over the past few weeks. It is difficult to not get excited about what is going on there and there is no reason why the same effect cannot be replicated in every town in this beautiful land we live in.I live in Cradock in the Eastern Cape and we have a wonderful opportunity to do a similar thing and effect a measure of transformation by applying a positive attitude and working together with the authorities using a “can do” approach, instead of always making excuses why things can not be done which has become the rule so much these days.I would welcome an opportunity to have a chat with you at some stage and even pay you a visit just to experience what has been done and explore the strategy which you have employed there. Can you please let me have some contact numbers where I can get hold of you to pursue this line of action for us here in Cradock. Looking forward to hear from you soonest.Kind regards, Alan Wright