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On 25 July 2012, Max du Preez wrote on Facebook:  I spent the last three days in Alexandra and Soweto filming a documentary (I was last there this time last year). The two white guys with me were astonished at the friendliness, the safe feeling, the helpfulness of everyone we encountered. Parts of Alex are still real slums, but the people were great. Soweto is a place all South Africans should experience at least once - it has become a really nice functional city (and I have high standards, I live in CapeTown). The whole experience strengthened my view I expressed in my Tuesdaycolumn ('chill, compatriots' on this page). And no, all my friends who thought I had gone soft in the head, this doesn't make me an admirer of the Zuma administration. It just gives a bit of perspective. Again I say: “Chill, my friends, we may have a bad government, but we have a great society, a great country full of hope and goodwill, if only we open our eyes to see it.”

Robert Rabie skryf hierop:  Max Ek is 'n wit boer wat baie in die plakkerskamp kom met 'n projek om 'n creche daar te begin. Soos in enige gemeenskap is daar die hoi peloi en die goeie - net baie mense opmekaar. Ons grense is meestal in ons koppe. As iemand aangerand is deur 'n swart man gaan hy baie skrikkerig wees. Dieselfde vir 'n swart man wat 'n slegte ervaring het met 'n wit man. As 'n perd jou afgooi klim jy hom nie sommer nie, behalwe as jy anders kies.

KgaogeloKg Magolego wrote:  I've told on many occasions by well traveled foreigners that South Africa is the most friendliest country they've been to. So we have a lekker country with great potential. As citizens we are doing well in keeping government under pressure to deliver services and hopefully one day we won't have news stories about people sharing drinking water with animals but about a few universities that failed to attain 100 % pass rate. We also have to deal with violent crime as a matter of urgency cause some of our crime stories are just too sick. The other things such as racism would fade away @ some stage.

Darren Brown wrote:  I have so much hope for South Africa that I am planning to return from the UK with my family, stories like this make me feel that I am making the correct decission and to ignore all the scare-mongering.